Funding proposal

We are currently submitting the following funding proposal with funders. This should give you some information about what it is we want to achieve (but we definitely need to have this in a more catchy format!)

Our vision is for a democratic society where agency and data-driven power are fairly distributed between individuals and corporations.
Our mission is to develop, support and steward infrastructure that enables, accelerates and maximizes individual and collective empowerment around personal data.
To further this mission, the main objective of this project is to catalyse an informed, fluid and diverse community of individuals and civil organisations geared towards countering data-driven asymmetries.


If you can help us with introductions to potential funding organizations, please let us know!

Hello everybody.
What about a donation button on our site, for people who want to contribute but no time ?

The upcoming European Strategy for Data, will likely welcome such goals both from the angle of a secure and fair society, but also from the data infrastructure / innovation angle. Watch out for opportunities to engage in consortia that pitch for R&D funding in close-by topics. Let’s talk about it. I will test the waters with some relevant contacts.

Where would one “watch out” for this?

Identify and approach relevant research departments and discuss.
Two that comes immediately to my mind is are Luxembourg and Bologna.
Look at the people that authored this paper:

“Legal Ontology for Modelling GDPR Concepts and Norms”
by Monica PALMIRANI*, Michele MARTONI*, Arianna ROSSI*, Cesare
I can introduce you to some people.

@Hanz0mon European Strategy for Data. Is it this draft document? ?
see pp17-18 Empowering individuals with respect to their data

Yes, I saw it on the mydata slack, too.

Here is a funding opportunity: Rasing awareness of European cititzenship rights
But looks like Switzerland is not covered for this programme :-/