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Hi PersonalData.IO community!
I am Karolina from MyData Global, a project manager responsible for MyData2019 conference and also an events lead in charge of all cool community events coming this and next year.
Happy to be here and explore the better world of personal data with you all!

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Hi Karolina! I am sure MyData and PersonalData.IO can work very effectively together in the future!


Hi Data Warriors!

I am a Twitter warrior and work with an amazing group of people there that taught me everything I know (which is not much it seems) about this crisis. I am a US born citizen, always voted, never was involved in politics or much else globally until November of 2016, as so many of my kind did. I help local campaigns, and am a research freak, because for me, facts give me strength and calmness.

I am looking forward to see what Paul and the rest have in store.

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Hi everyone! I’m a student just going into the final year of my law degree at the London School of Economics. I am passionate about data rights and privacy, and began working with Paul last year. Since, I have worked with organizations like Privacy International and other non-profits in London. Super keen to meet more people with legal backgrounds who are working in this field, and to apply my knowledge in whatever way I can.


Hi, I’m an educator in Australia, here to think and support. I’m interested in how well or poorly students understand data issues, and what role education institutions should be playing.


Hi everyone, I’m Julieta, originally from Buenos Aires - Argentina, currently based in Geneva, CH.

I’m a phd student on STS (Science & Technology Studies), in particular I study the Global Open Science Hardware movement and its contribution to democratize science and tech.

I try to apply open source philosophy to everything I do because I think it’s a more efficient way to work, and can lead to have more people involved in technology making & discussion (though it’s not always the case). Probably like most of you here, I’m worried about surveillance capitalism and the consequences it has in our lives.

Being in Geneva, I helped @paulolivier formalize some of his ideas for PersonalData.IO and identifying areas to work on and build community.

Because of my phd, I got some basic open hardware and data analysis skills, that may be helpful in this context too. Because of my activism in community environmental monitoring, I got some others like community building, workshops facilitation or grant writing (useful though I hate it).

Keen to see new collaborations arising from here :slight_smile:


Hi, everybody.

Name: Johannes Ernst
Location: Silicon Valley, California
Day job: CEO, Indie Computing Corp. We ship home servers for self-hosting (“bring your data home” from the cloud overlords) and have built a Linux distro for that purpose: UBOS
Also involved in: MyData Silicon Valley and their #startups effort, Me2B Alliance, Indie Web and a few other things such as better ways to IoT.

Interested in collaborating with everybody: it’s my belief that if we ever manage to wrestle significant control back from the overlords, it will have been because us decentralized, user-centric, privacy-oriented, agency-empowering out-of-the-mainstream people will have found an effective way of leveraging each other. (And the reverse will be true, too.)


Hi. I am a writer specializing for the last nearly 30 years in computers, freedom, and privacy (or, as I used to say when online and offline were more clearly delineated, I cover the border wars between cyberspace and real life). My first encounter with the data exploitation industry was, I think, a PBS documentary in which the writer Erik Larsen explored the source of all the junk mail he was getting. In the 1980s, friends and I used to put false middle initials on forms to see if we could track where the data was sold to. (This effort never amounted to much more than occasional amusement.)

I’m mostly here to see what transpires…



Hi everyone.

I’m Baptiste, law student at university of Geneva, Switzerland.

As many, I found out about PersonalDataIO after watching « The Great Hack ».

I am here in order to provide any help that can be useful. Of course, I’m particularly interested in the legal issues surrounded that big hell we’ve slowly uncovered.

On the swiss side, I hope we can pass the federal initiative in order to add to our constitution the protection of « numerical integrity » as a human right.

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I’m a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Geneva, currently studying work and management on the gig economy. I spent the last year doing food-deliveries and interviewing workers, managers, developers and policymakers in Switzerland. I am particularly interested at the way dispatching algorithms are conceived and received.

On a more political level, data lies at the heart of this algorithmic management and I believe couriers have a right to know how it is used.

Do not hesitate to reach me for further information.

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I am Louis Poncet,
I am 42 years old from Marseille in France.
I am Sysadmin specialized in Open Source products.
I do install and maintain the Wikibase and forum for personaldata.
I am the co-founder of the non profit Offgridme. life and member of the mydatageneva board.


Hello everyone,
I’m Mark in Seattle. I saw the Netflix movie and was pleased to follow the breadcrumbs to this group. I glanced through the funding proposal and saw Strategy 2: build user-centered tools, so users actively contribute to the project. This is something DemocracyLab (, the organization I lead in Seattle, might be able to help with. We’ve built an open source platform connecting skilled volunteers to tech for good projects. As the work of this group becomes more project-focused, please consider posting those projects to DemocracyLab to attract more people to contribute.
Looking forward,


Hi all,

I am duwiz. I am a student of Computer Science.

Fun fact: Python is my favourite language!

Hopefully, I can develop my programming skills enough to help…

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Hello :smiley:,
I’m Marcel and study computer science for my master degree. Beside my interest in different aspects of data sciene and ML, I am also inclined to the law part of view as I also had a curse in data privacy. Looking forward to learn new thinks and to help.

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I’m Daniel. I live in California, and I ended up here after watching the great hack. I’m particularly bothered by the use of personal data and targeted ads to affect elections. It feels contradictory to the democratic process, and is clearly abused by some of the most toxic campaigns in recent history.
Until this year I have been apathetic when it comes to any kind of politics because I felt that I didn’t have a voice. Recently I’ve been trying to get involved in causes that I care about: which has culminated it me ineffectively trying to correct disinformation on social media through comments. I was hoping that my involvement in this community might help me find effective ways to pursue effective change.

Thanks for Reading

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Hi everyone!
I am a French citizen looking for

  1. unbiased knowledge on the usage of data by big tech companies and governments
  2. Means of actions as an activist
    I am based in Paris and have skills in operations in general.
    Cheers to all
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Hi Daniel. Thanks for all your efforts around disinformation.
This is in my mind the most promising model for fighting disinformation: teaching how to factcheck the influencers. Have a look:

In a sense this project is following a similar path, helping constructing data rights champions.

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Hi , I’m Ignasi from MyData Barcelona Hub.

My passion and talent is education and awareness and I believe personal data rights are basic, to build a new society based in trust and personal emporwerment

Happy to be here and explore the better world of personal data with you all!


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