Introduce yourself!

Hi i’m Davide from Italy.
I work as a Digital Strategist for a big agency, i work with data and i’m very sensitive about it, especially when they are used to mislead information. Looking for ways to put my competence at work for a better internet.

Hi, I am Vladimir Kuparinen from Espoo, Finland, one of Founding Members of MyData Global.

My startup develops a solution to cure societal exclusion, to enhance learning via MyData #SafeBœks: mass distribution of human-centric access to #NextGenerationInternet’s ethical digital services.

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Hello, I am Peder from Giordano Bruno Foundation in Germany, a humanist think-tank with a large variety of subjects. As rapporteur on digital human rights there I focus on subjects like data ownership, surveillance and privacy, emerging technologies that may be used in progressive ways and so on.

You may visit my to read the latest topics and, yes, a bunch of proposals concerning digital human rights.

I’m not sure yet what we might contribute right here, but if you have ideas I’m curious to read them.

Best, Peder Iblher

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Hi there.
I am shalf.
Looking forward to discovering how to work with you all on those important matters in a very constrained context for me, space- and time-wise :sweat_smile::wink:

Hello, I’m Paul, a data journalist from Geneva. I also develop video games with two friends. There are lots of mobile games which sells sensitive data (including phone numbers), but when we published a game which asks for your consent just to send your score to a server, no one understood the point :slight_smile:
Duwiz: Python is also my favourite language (but for games: C# / Swift / Objective-C)


where is the game? can we play?

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and my first encounter with computers was programming in fortran4 on punch cards as an undergraduate where a typo took 24 hrs to correct !
I took to social media (FB excluded) as an English teacher in the Physics Dept of our university here in Grenoble, with the help of EFL teachers worldwide (all of my students created their own wiki on pbworks)
Eli Pariser’s “Fliter Bubble” was a subject of discussion in our group when it came out in 2011.
Anyways - they finally sent me down from the university, so here I’m just an interested observer with the aim of getting the message to corners it wouldn’t ususally reach IYSWIM :grinning:

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Hi, I’m Frank Bajak, a tech reporter with the Associated Press.
Privacy and surveillance capitalism are an important elements of my beat, which includes Big Brother tech, cyber-espionage, online civil liberties and cybersecurity. I am based in Boston, USA, and previously lived in Houston, Bogota, Lima, Berlin and Warsaw.

Hi Frank. Good to see you here. Welcome! Out of curiosity, have you traveled to Europe recently?
I would be interested in replicating this “credit cards are bananas” study leveraging GDPR:

If you are, can you comment there or in private message? Thanks!

I have not been in Europe of late but I may be able to get a Europe-based colleague to do so. Will let you know.

Hi! Great to join this community :slight_smile:

I’m Alex Bowyer, a third year PhD student at Open Lab, a multi-disciplinary digital civics research lab within the School of Computing at Newcastle University, in the north-east of England, focussing on empowering people through personal data interaction.

I have been thinking about data and how broken the world’s current ways of working are for a decade or more (my username is a clue to my philosophy!). Some of my early ideas are in this article I published on O’Reilly: Why Files Need to Die.

My background is in computer science and then I spent much of my career working as a software engineer (initially Java/backend, but moved mainly into front-end and later into UX) for big companies like IBM, Logica and OpenText. Since then I moved through web freelancing into research, where I worked on web science and user behaviour at Zooniverse at Oxford University before moving into my current PhD at Open Lab. I am an experienced software developer (JavaScript, Python, etc) but also now practicing social science methods.

My PhD focusses on how people lose power through having inaccessible data stored about them by companies and governments, and how we can shift the power balance back towards to users. My experimental methods include participatory co-design, GDPR, prototyping and web augmentation. My prior studies looked at the family perspective on civic data and at shared data interaction in the context of social care, and my next study is based around guiding people through the process of requesting their data using GDPR and then making sense of it - For this, I think platforms like (as well as others like and have the potential to be hugely useful and I am very pleased to discover these and the communities behind them! Future plans include exploring roles and power relationships in the handling of personal data.

You can find more about me and my research at My position paper on Free Data Interfaces may be of interest. Please connect with me on Twitter, where I am also @alexbfree - I am always keen to meet other personal data enthusiasts - send me a message!

BTW One paper that everyone should read is Mortier et al’s 2014 Human-Data Interaction paper. Go read it now if you haven’t already!

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Hi Alex. Welcome! Tristan Henderson is a co-author of the Mortier paper.

Sorry for such a late reply @paulolivier! It’s this very simple platformer for iOS, source code is libre-licensed and available on GitHub. We’re working on a new version :slight_smile:

Hello to all,

My name is Dino and I work as a project manager in a software house ( based in Milan, Italy.

I strongly believe that technological tools are needed in Europe that allow us to effectively comply with the GDPR, in particular the right of access and the right of portability.

I signed up to this forum to seek comparison on these issues as our company has the technical skills to face these challenges.

Hi Dino, welcome! (and sorry you were stuck in the moderating queue for a while)
Please make yourself at home, and don’t hesitate to ask clarification questions cc @maumau

Hi all, I’m Esko from Helsinki. I’ve been involved in various ways with MyData since the first conference, am Paul’s non-interfering deputy board member, and last summer was involved in a crazy dinner conversation with Paul and Carole that motivated me to help recruit an build an army of data activists / liberators / SAR submitters, that sort of thing. A SARmy if you like…


Welcome to the party, Esko!

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Good morning,
My name’s Arnaud, random guy becoming day after day more passionate about personal data and data security, currently studying Information Systems in Lausanne.
I am here to get involved in the data protection community, because data = us and I care about us.
My objective is to learn, get to know tools, means to protect myself, myself in 20-30 years, my family, my friends, help to develop the community. Be part of this such important journey!

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What a positive attitude!

Thanks for being here. For a more local focus, a lot of the people here who live near you are also involved in the local hub of MyData Geneva (drinks tomorrow!)

Some of the plans, currently still in discussions, are for PersonalData.IO and separately MyData Geneva to host hackathons during the Open Geneva festival in March.

You might also want to talk in private messages to @pidoux

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positive attitude is a must :wink:

Thanks for sharing such interesting content and thanks for the info
I will have a look at MyData Geneva and OpenGeneva and sometime participate.

I was indeed looking for some hackathons or Crypoparties in Switzerland but couldn’t find many. If you have any other tips, happily!