Languages on the wiki: a huge opportunity!

A huge advantage of the wiki system is that it is multilingual by default. It is very smart on top of that in how it is multilingual. On any given page, any part of the page can be displayed in a different language, depending on what the system knows about translations and whether you have expressed preferences.

As a result however it is a bit unusual and therefore difficult to setup. I want to explain it a bit more here.

Ignore the particular entity that we are talking about here (here actually a property that has been made obsolete).

The big arrow indicates a common mistake. Use as an alias the name of the entity in a different language. This should have been introduced where the arrow is pointing to instead.

The problem is that you might not have this box for the language you would want to!

If that’s the case, go to 1. and select the language you would like. The result will be to add this new language to a selection of (maximum) 4. In the example shown, I have selected French, English, Spanish and Korean, with the preferred language French.

This means that stuff will be displayed first and foremost in French, but when something isn’t known it will be shown in English, Spanish or Korean (in that order of preference). You can see this in the interface being predominantly French (“Pas de libellé défini”), except for instance just above the 2, where the text is in English (note that there is a little note at the end saying “anglais” and inviting you to provide a translation in French for that as well).