Legal people and lawyers: introduce yourselves!

Are you a lawyer? Have you got a legal mind or legal experience that you think could be helpful? If so, please write a few sentences about yourself and the experience that you have, so that we can begin to build a community of people like you. If you’ve got knowledge of the data protection laws in your country, we’d also love it if you contributed to our mapping initiative, in which we are trying to create a database that contains a summary of the relevant data protection laws in different jurisdictions.

Hi everyone, my name is Isabel and I’m a final year law student at the London School of Economics. I’ve been very interested in privacy rights and data protection lately and began collaborating with Paul last year. I have worked with organizations like Privacy International and am currently working on producing a summary of the CJEU’s FashionID judgement in the light of what it will mean for individual data subject rights. If you think you may be able to help me out, let me know! Would love to chat :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Cristian, a practical law student from Chile, at the edge of the world. Currently I’m doing my profesional practice at the Chilean Prosecutor Office, and then I have only to swear (I’m not sure if that the appropiate word) at the Supreme Court to finally become a lawyer (It’s a looong way here in Chile to become a lawyer).
I don’t know much about the common law system, and less about the international law system (cause my international law proffesor at the Uni was a bad one), but I’m glad to help in anything I could. The legals systems are not too diferent from each other, so I think I could learn about them in little time.
I’d appreciate any help to understand the proccess and to help me to introduce in what are you doing, to do my best at that.
Sorry for my english. I can understand it but I practice so little that It’s a little difficult for me to speak it. (Let me know any error in my message please)

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I am a Law student at The University of Sheffield and aspire to qualify as a solicitor. I don’t have much experience in privacy and data rights specifically yet, but would like to know more!

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Hello there,

I am Tom, and I am a law clerk at an attorney office in the Czech Republic. I am specialized and mainly interested in data protection and data security. My other keen interests/specializations are both ICT & IP law with the focus on SaaS and e-commerce projects.

Let´s get right into it. Is there anything I can lend a hand in? There are quite a few things that hit me up. I have seen that Isabel is focused on the research as she is already analyzing the Fashion ID judgement. I would gladly dive myself deep into the experiments with SARs, whether actively participating in the requests or joining with the techno minds to work things out.

Last but not least, do we already have any papers/forum or wiki posts/specifications etc. I should be familiar with before moving on? I have already made myself familiar with the “PDIO-grant_proposal”.

Certainly good to see all the motivation round here!

@Tom there will certainly be a lot to do.

  • This post discusses the mapping of data protection laws, to help non-GDPR folks sort out their country per country situations.
  • This post gives a bit more detailed about why transparency is the first step of our plan.
  • This post focuses on how we should make access requests easier in order to achieve transparency.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for all the links! I am on a vacation right now but I will go through them as soon as I will get back.

Hi! I’m Laura, I am French, I created a start up in the transportation industry (connecting farmers to help them transport from farm to fork easily). I have an academic background in politics, business and law and I am deeply interested in all the new regulatory system being created to help the digitalized society being more safe, fait and ethic. For my start up I worked in details on the RGDP rules. I will soon become a lawyer (hopefully) and hope I can participate in creating a new legal frame for a better world : )

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