@pidoux in Le Temps

Congratulations to @pidoux for being featured in newspaper Le Temps (and the associated recognition on the “Forum des 100”), for her work on Tinder’s algorithm.


Thank you so much!! Best part is that you get to meet so many amazing people in different fields or very close to your interests!

Yesterday there was a discussion evening about disruptions in AI entitled “Face aux disruptions” with Aude Billard (Prof. in algorithms at the EPFL) and Gilles Marchand (Director SRG SSR). 2 interesting outcomes:
Prof. Billard explained the difference between machines and humans. They store a lot and process fast, we humans make sense, have creativity and ideas.
M. Marchand highlighted how mass media (one-to-all linear diffusion) are trying to cohabit with digital media (one-to-one recommendation systems) although both still relying in advertising!!! at different prices, speed, and audience measurements…

More to come April 30 @ https://forumdes100.ch/