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Hello all!

I am a non technical member of this community and as such I can understand how other non technical people might feel intimidated by the current tools on offer. I want to help address this. My goal is that more non technical people feel they can join and participate meaningfully.

I will invest some time and my skills in this, I am looking for other people who are interested in working on this part of the problem too. In particular if you have any experience in service design, UX, UI, or front end design, it would be great if you said hi in the comments.

The first goal (user story) I will be looking at is this: As a non technical user who is interested in my data rights, I want to use tools to help me make my first SAR.

As a starting point I have made a really brief video showing some of the issues a non technical user will face when trying to use the tools for the first time.

If you are motivated to help with these issues, please reply and let me know you exist. If there is already a group looking at this, also let me know.


Bonjour @esko,
Thanks for your feeback.
For the wiki interface in general, you can access this 2-page presentation
For the interface, see @paulolivier video: starting from [12:00] .
Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to post comments if you’re encountering difficulties.

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