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Google translate page to other languages?

The instructions link to specific pages in Uber’s help that are in other languages, and a big template letter in the “target country”'s language.

My idea is to scale by going to Belgium and Switzerland; both countries are bilingual into different languages (Dutch and German), so this will help in getting volunteers to translate the instructions to other languages.

More crucial now for the Uber project is

  1. putting pressure on Uber so it respects the law;
  2. building the infrastructure to analyze the data once we get it.

If it works, it will be easy to export.

What kind of analysis do you envision to be required?
What are the questions that you want to get answered?

Main goal: From GPS traces spread over multiple CSVs as well as a separate ride log, deduce work time and work status (waiting for a ride request, driving to pickup, driving a client, returning to city center), as well as kms driven in each status. This is part of a larger work of extracting all useful info to establish the dependency between driver and the platform, given the recent court win for drivers that requalifies them as employees (this data means they can get back overtime pay and expenses for instance). This can be done driver per driver.

Secondary goal: Understand better the dispatching algorithm and how it has evolved over time, for each driver and collectively.